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We grow and  we harvest the best fruits of our citrus grove for you!
From the tree to your table in record time !
Delight your palate with the typical products of our region,
carefully selected by us to never let you
miss the scent of Sicily!


Direct sales from the producer to the consumer of the best Sicilian oranges. Collected by hand and shipped to your home, thus avoiding the expensive and lengthy processes of large-scale fruit distribution.


Collected and shipped the same day, our fruits retain their excellent organoleptic properties, taste and vitamins, ensuring freshness and authenticity. You can stock it, because they are kept for up to 4 weeks!


All orders are shipped with express shipping with delivery in 3/4 days.


Our fruits do not undergo chemical interventions that alter their ripeness or any peel treatment. The result is a 100% natural and healthy product.
Featured products

NUOVA RICETTA Crema di Pistacchio 190g

€7.50 incl tax €5.50 incl tax

Chocolate almonds pralines 100g

INGREDIENTS: Sicilian almonds, sugar, cocoa. Handcrafted product without dyes and preservatives. Keep in a cold and dry place. Possible traces of almond shell.
€2.90 incl tax

5L Extra virgin olive oil

Package composed of 5L extra virgin olive oil + 5kg oranges
€60.00 incl tax

Condiment for pasta: Pistachio, garlic, oil and chilli 50g

INGREDIENTS: Chili, parsley, garlic, pistachio, salt.
€2.00 incl tax