500g toasted Sicilian almonds.

500g toasted Sicilian almonds vacuum packed
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Sicily is a wonderful land, rich in typical products and with a great food tradition. One of the products of excellence is the almond, in fact, half of the almonds grown in Italy come from our beloved land and the characteristics and organoleptic properties of this product are such as to make it distinguish from all other foreign varieties. First of all, the Sicilian almond has a very aromatic and particular taste and it is wrapped in a very hard shell that protects it from attack by parasites. It contains a lot of iron, vitamins and above all a greater quantity of oil, a unique characteristic that makes it less dry than other almonds. Its use is varied, it is "the queen of Sicilian pastries", with the famous "almond paste", nougat and granite. What makes the Sicilian almond unique in the world is the possibility of finding "bitter almonds", which, in the preparation of sweets, help to accentuate the flavor and aroma of the almond.

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