About us


The Bellino Fortunata’s Agricultural Entreprise Arancia Bellino is located in the territory of Mineo, a small village in the province of Catania, which bases its economy mainly on agriculture.


The family-run company boasts the experience of three generations of producers who have made agriculture their passion and the main goal of their lives.


The love for the land, our beautiful Sicily, the desire to stay in this beautiful country, were the springs that led us to commit ourselves and dedicate ourselves totally to our work and this allowed us to achieve excellent results in the quality of our products, the exquisite "red oranges of Sicily".


This site was created with two very specific objectives:


• Ensure the freshness and genuineness of an excellent, completely Italian product, from harvesting to your table in just three days: This means that the Orange Bellino does not lose its organoleptic properties, taste and vitamins which, instead, would inevitably be lost with traditional paths that, between traders and wholesalers, lengthen delivery times;


• Create a direct relationship between producer and consumer: the so-called Short Chain.


What are the advantages of the short chain?


• Possibility to get to know the producers directly, their working methods, the history of the foods they bring to the table.


• Enhancement of the cultivations of each territory, tastes, recipes and traditions.


• Respect for seasonality and, therefore, for the freshness of the food purchased.


• Final price for transparent consumption and cheaper for those who buy.


• Fairer remuneration for those who produce.


Many people have not yet had the opportunity to embrace the mechanism of the short chain just for lack of information: "Where am I going to buy? To whom I address in my area?". In fact, answering these questions is really simple thanks to Internet, which provides all the tools to track down the farmer and the desired product.

                                                                                                        THEN WHAT YOU EXPECT?


Taste our "red oranges", you will delight your palate with their delicacy, and you will defend your body by taking on Vitamin C, which will help you defeat the feared winter influences and feel good all year round!