The Navel orange is the first of our wonders to delight our consumers, being ready for the harvesting the first week of November. It is its characteristic outgrowth that almost seems like a navel to give it the name, which in English means precisely umbilicus. This peculiarity is due to the fact that it contains another small twin orange, trapped in the rind. This variety was developed for the first time in Brazil, in San Salvador of Bahia, where a traveler found it in a Benedictine monastery and after falling in love brought with it the bud that began to graft at Magnolia Street, in California. He then arrived in Sicily where, thanks to the particular vocation of the soil, the Orange Bellino succeeded in expressing himself to the fullest , distinguishing itself particulary for a very sweet and sugary taste, the absence of seeds and a thin and soft skin

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Promotion 20 kg Navel oranges small size.

Pack of 20Kg composed of 2 crates of 10 kg of "Navel" oranges ideal for squeezing.
€30.00 incl tax
equates to €1.67 per 1 kg

9kg Navel Small size

9kg crate of small size Navel oranges, suitable for pressing. You can also find fruits with external imperfections but with intact pulp.
€16.00 incl tax
equates to €1.78 per 1 kg

Promotion Navel 18 kg

Pack composed by two 9 kg Medium Size Navel crates and a Navel" To Squeeze" Size 9kg crate
€35.00 incl tax
equates to €1.94 per 1 kg

5L Extra virgin olive oil

Package composed of 5L extra virgin olive oil + 5kg oranges
€75.00 incl tax

9kg Navel Mixed size

9kg crate of Navel oranges mixed size, suitable for both table consumption and for juices.
€20.00 incl tax
equates to €2.22 per 1 kg

9kg Navel Big size

9kg crate of oranges Navel big size, suitable for table consumption.
€22.50 incl tax
equates to €2.50 per 1 kg

5 Sicilian Lemons

AranciaBellino offers you the chance to taste our lemons, order "5 Sicilian lemons" which will be added to replace some oranges.
€1.50 incl tax