Olive Oil

AranciaBellino offers you an excellent new Olive Oil, unfiltered and freshly pressed by cold pressing of Olive variety Nocellara Etnea. Our oil preserves the flavors, aromas, perfume and all the organoleptic properties of Mediterranean olives. The choice of the land on which our olive trees are located, the quality of the olives, the care with which AranciaBellino carries out all the necessary agronomic practices, the harvest carried out in the right manner and at the right time of maturation and the careful choice of the mill are the characteristics that guarantee an excellent oil. Our olive oil is packaged in tin directly at the mill and it is not filtered, thus preserving a beautiful intense and turbid color, given by tiny pieces of olive that will tend to settle in the bottom of the cans, preserving the flavor, to guarantee a young and genuine milling.

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5L Extra virgin olive oil

Package composed of 5L extra virgin olive oil + 5kg oranges
€75.00 incl tax

"ARCÀ": 0.75cl di Olio Extravergine d'Oliva MONOCULTIVAR Nocellara Etnea

Bottiglia dorica contenente 0.75cl di Olio Extravergine d'Oliva molitura Novembre 2023 MONOCULTIVAR Nocellara Etnea
€14.00 incl tax

BOX 6 Bottiglie di olio d'oliva "ARCÀ" da 0,75cl MONOCULTIVAR Nocellara Etnea /// SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA

BOX da 6 Bottiglie di Olio Extravergine d'Oliva MONOCULTIVAR Nocellara Etnea/// SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA
€84.00 incl tax €80.00 incl tax