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500g shelled almonds from Sicily

500g of shelled almonds in a vacuum packed
€7.50 incl tax €6.50 incl tax

Almond pastries 500 g

€11.00 incl tax
equates to €22.00 per 1 kg

500ml Dark Chocolate and Orange Liqueur

INGREDIENTS: Milk, sugar, alcohol with infusion of red oranges, cocoa. Handcrafted product without dyes, preservatives and artificial flavors.
€14.00 incl tax €12.50 incl tax

Caramelized Sicilian lemon almonds 100g.

INGREDIENTS: Sicilian almonds 50%, sugar flavored with Sicilian lemon peel 50%. Handcrafted product without preservatives and colorings. Keep in a cold and dry place. Possible traces of almond shell.
€2.90 incl tax

Mandarin marmalade 250g

INGREDIENTS: Mandarins 50%, sugar 50% It may contain mandarin seeds and possible traces of dried fruit. Natural product without added pectin, colorings and preservatives. Gluten Free! Store in the fridge after opening.
€3.50 incl tax

Desiccated oregano

Bunch of Sicilian wild oregano
€3.00 incl tax €2.00 incl tax

Sea salt with oranges 200g

INGREDIENTS: Sea salt, oranges zest
€3.50 incl tax

Condiment for pasta garlic, oil and chilli 50g

INGREDIENTS: Chili, parsley, garlic, salt.
€2.50 incl tax

Cinnamon Flower 500ml

INGREDIENTS: Water, alcohol, sugar, cinnamon infusion. Natural product without preservatives and colorings.
€13.00 incl tax €11.00 incl tax